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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chin Chin!.........for my friend Rachelle.

It was my girlfriend Rachelle's birthday in February and after a great catch up one Friday (with too many sticky ribs and way too much red wine), she asked me when I was going to do her a painting?

Now I don't know about everyone else but I have problems with people looking at my art, yet alone giving a painting to someone as a present.  I guess at the back of mind I feel that art is such a personal thing, how horrible would it be to give a painting to someone and they don't like it! (agggghh internal cringe!).

Now I know my friend Rachelle likes my paintings so I thought, yeah time I got over this and start doing paintings that I am comfortable with passing onto my nearest and dearest.

This internal negativity I have when I paint is something that I am working on this year, I am a bit like a deer in the headlights when I start to paint, frozen with fear of where to start and what to do.  Once I get going I am o.k but it is something I need to work on.  Soooo, I enrolled in the Willowing "Life Book 2012" for the whole year.....woohhooo! journal and wrestling with my inner beast all combined into one....and it is for the whole year of 2012!  If anyone wants to visit the willowing website go to I just love, love, love this site and have so far enrolled for 5 courses to do this year!......YES!

Anyway, back to it!............So, I did the mixed media painting you can see here for my friend.  She is always saying that "She Loves the Story"....the stories of how she met her partner, the stories of her travels, the stories of her friends.  So I incorporated this into her painting.  We met while working at Bright Bots so I included that logo, she then went overseas for quite some time and we lost contact (hence the little aeroplane) but she tracked me down on her return to Australia and every since we have been catching up, having laughs and usually all while drinking a little (well not always little) glass of red and always with a chin chin and clink of glasses!  The edges of the painting were then finished off with a paint brush pen with the words "friends are like treasures!"

So 1 down and hopefully many more to go!

PS Delivery is on it's way Rachelle!

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