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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Turning Japanese.......from Lisa

About 1 year ago my Mum and I went to the patchwork and Gift Fare (or similar), when I was there I fell in love with a fairly basic quilt pattern that was made out of beautiful Japanese fabrics.......I just loved the vibrant colours and patterns and could imagine myself, or others under this blanket all cosy and warm on a rainy day or maybe laying back on the couch on a Winters day with book in hand and nice cup of tea.

Well as we all know, fabric (especially Japanese fabric) is not cheap so I ummed and agghed, walked away....came back....think I walked away again.......ummed some more. My Mum (Mar) was patiently standing beside me trying to judge which way I was going and trying to support my decision, whichever way I went.

During my "I just love it, I have to have it" Mar was supportive with "If you really like it then get it, you may never see it again" When I was unsure if the colours were not quite right and I should wait, Mar would say "Then don't get it now wait if you are not sure, money in your pocket for now!".

Now my mother and I (and I think many other members of my family) are pretty much in love with the colour turquoise. For me when it is combined with pinks in a quilt I am just like a kid in a candy shop. So basically the turquoise colour staring at me saying "buy me buy me now" was the deal breaker. I haven't done any patchwork for about 8years, so I thought, this will be a nice easy first project............SOLD!

So, here are the first pictures of the top I have pieced. I have just bought the backing today (a chocolate colour that I thought would tone down the whole quilt)...which I ummed and agghed about as well...... I couldn't decide if this colour was the right one but finally committed.....anyway it is all locked in now. Once I layer it and quilt the top I will put some more pictures up.

I hope you like Mar! XXOO

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