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Sunday, September 9, 2012



Well the above title is my theme for 2012 this year.  I have these themes each year because it just helps me focus on what I think is important for that year and what I want to bring out within myself........accompanied by an alcohol of choice to help celebrate these great occasions of course!.

I am really late posting this blog because life is just crazy busy sometimes between Facebook, the world of mixed media, working, cleaning, family etc etc.  Even though this is a waaaaay late blog post, I want to put this on my blog because I am so happy that I got to meet a lady who's art I have long admired.

I first "discovered" images of Denise's paintings about 4/5 years ago. It was a few years after I had taken up painting again after a long hiatus. I loved Denise's use of vibrant colours and the fun and joy that exudes from her paintings and was something in line with what I was doing and where I hoped to be one day.  Well I printed a few pics out (permission recently obtained...woops!) stuck them on my desk at work and when I wished I was painting or in a happier place I looked at those pictures.  I thought if someone is out there making art their lives why can't I?.....WHY CAN'T I???? WHY CAN'T I??? 

I cannot tell you how many times I looked at those paintings for inspiration, motivation and hope.......they have travelled to many a desk I have worked at and are now on my board at home....still right in front of me!

Well, I finally got to meet this beautiful lady I long admired and she is just the loveliest, warmest, giving and wonderful tea making lady you could meet!!!!..........and she can be sooo funny too! I have done several classes with her now and always take away a little something new or a phrase and great memories.  Denise has a wonderful website so if you are interested in any of her "Creativitea" classes or her artwork, go to

Now I don't make money out of my art, I just do it because it gives me great inner peace but it doesn't mean I don't aspire to one day...cause that would be awesome!!!

In the meantime thanks Denise for coming into my life and making it just a little shinier!!!! 

Below are some pics of mixed media paintings I have done at her classes.
Listen to your heart!

Trust your intuition
Listen to your heart above all other voices.

HOOOO's Coming for Tea?

He loved to sip tea by the moonlight.

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